Invitations are all about first impressions, and each should be as unique as your event. Our custom and handmade invitations are conceived, styled and designed to precisely fit each event they are announcing, so guests are not just obligated…but inspired to attend.  An invitation is advertising  for your event and the best advertising is to be unforgettable! We believe in being unforgettable, in creating special invitations that beg to be savored and displayed because it’s just too pretty to toss.


Maritza:  I started at a very young age coloring “within the lines.” I was my 4th grade's  art teacher. In high school I was encouraged by my art teacher and mentor to study art or design in college, but as a typical teenager who thought she knew better - I was onto “better” things. I’d turn to arts and crafts – decorating, painting and scrap booking as a source of relaxation. After working in the wedding industry for 15 years as a catering sales manager, I decided to stick to invitations. Paper talks to me, inspires me & motivates me. I can not live without it.


The best way to discuss all the options available to you is to make an initial consultation appointment.  It is always better to have more time than not enough.  Allow 2 months prior to your mail date to start the design process for custom invitations.    

We take every element of your event, as well as your personal story into consideration.  During your free 1 hour consultation, we will discuss your event, your likes and your dislikes.  We brainstorm your ideal invitation by discussing theme & elements.  After your consultation, you will be sent, via email, a pdf quote/proposal with a pricing estimate based on the design concept/s.  Once the contract has been reviewed and approved, please sign and return along with your required deposit payable by cash, credit card, or social media payment.  We welcome your comments and will happily make changes to the proposal if necessary.  

Pricing is based on the complexity of your design, paper selection, size, printing method and assembly requirements.  A deposit is required to book as well as to purchase stock for your selected design.  We can provide you with whatever quantity you require. We strongly recommend ordering extra invitations as reorders are costly and require a minimum of 20.  We offer guest addressing via digital printing at $1.25 per envelope.  We include 2 extra envelopes per 100 (none if we address the envelopes for you), if you would like more please let us know at the time of your order. 

The first proof of your design will be emailed via pdf after a deposit and wording has been received.  This is your opportunity to make edits/additions or design changes.  You may send updates or comments via e-mail as it allows for convenient and clear communication.  Once we have incorporated your changes, we will email you a second proof to approve or edit.  You must "sign off" on the final draft by submitting a signed copy of your proof.  Three free revision are generated.  If by chance you require more revisions, a $75 design fee will be charged.  Once a signed proof is received you will get a picture and/or video of the first invite printed before we proceed printing the rest.  Minor adjustments can be made free of charge, but if it requires more than 10 minutes of edits a fee will apply.  

Pickup date varies and is dependent on your mail out date, availability of stock and our work schedule.  Typical turn around is 10 working days after the signed proof is received.  

If you require an additional consultation a $75 fee will apply. 

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